Egypt to pay yearly fees of 22 WDO member states


Bringing Women Development Organizations (WDO) in the focus, the Egyptian government has announced to pay an annual contribution to 22 of the world’s least-developed countries in WDO.

The WDO seeks to combat violence against women, reform religious speech, fight extremism and highlight Islamic values in drafting the rights of Muslim women around the world. President of Egypt, El-Sisi directed that a separate integrated building will be used as the WDO headquarters. He also ordered the establishment of a research centre inside the WDO headquarters to conduct studies that will generate ideas to promote women. Connecting the organization with UN will enrich activities, international relations and draft cooperation programs. President further continued to highlight that the Egyptian government will pay the annual contributions for WDO.

During the summit Egypt will assume the presidency of the conference for the next two years. El-Sisi disclosed recent decisions allowing women to be appointed to the state council and the public prosecution for the first time in Egypt’s history. During the meeting, it was also highlighted that WDO represents a comprehensive framework for improving the status of women, and underlined Egypt’s pioneering efforts in establishing and promoting the organization.

Morsi said the WDO aims to enhance the role of women in OIC member states and strives to build the capacity of women and raise their efficiency through special programs on social, economic and political empowerment.

During the meeting between ministers, it was finalized that the 8th Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) ministerial conference on women will be hosted by Egypt’s New Administrative Council. Officials from the presidential office have given the directives and the list of representatives. The entire project will be focused to support, recognize and empower gender equality in the various sectors of industry.



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