EU eases sanctions on Syria to fasten quake aid


The European Union (EU), a political and economic union of 27 member states from Europe, has said it is temporarily easing sanctions on Syria to speed up earthquake aid deliveries to the people affected by the destructive earthquake in Syria.

The European Council representing the bloc’s countries said in a statement that the international organisations will no longer need to seek permission from the EU to send earthquake aid to Syria.

The EU said that they took the decision “in view of the gravity of the humanitarian crisis in Syria exacerbated by the earthquake.” The bloc has eased sanctions on Syria for six months in order to help earthquake survivors in the country.

The EU said that the bloc contributed a total of 27.4 billion euros to Syria and to refugee-hosting neighbours such as Turkey since 2011. When the massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Syria and Turkey on February 6, the EU sent 3.5 million euros for urgent humanitarian needs to Syria in order to help earthquake victims.

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Earlier, the EU imposed sanctions against Syria’s government and businesses linked to it due to Damascus’s violent repression of the civilian population in Syria. In 2011, the Eu imposed sanctions on 291 individuals and 70 entities for asset freezes and a travel ban. In 2015, the EU extended restrictive measures against the Syrian regime. The EU along with the US sanctioned Bashar Assad’s regime over the deteriorating situation in Syria.

According to a statement by the EU, humanitarian organisations do not need to seek prior permission from EU member states’ national competent authorities to provide aid to Syria.

Syria is controlled by different groups. However, most parts of Syria are controlled by the Damascus government. The northern part of Syria is affected due to conflict. Syria’s northeast is mostly controlled by US-backed Kurdish-led groups.



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