EU says: Turkey’s actions are exacerbating the controversy over gas exploration in the Mediterranean


The European Union’s foreign minister says Turkey has failed to play a role in resolving the dispute over natural gas resources in the eastern Mediterranean. Turkey has turned a deaf ear to the European Union’s threat to impose sanctions on its disputed energy exploration activities in the eastern Mediterranean. EU leaders have threatened to impose sanctions on Turkey if it fails to stop what European countries see as illegal investigation into the waters claimed by Cyprus and Greece.

The 27 EU ministers, tasked with assessing the reasons for imposing sanctions on Turkey, stressed that Turkey was exacerbating tensions and was not ready to be part of the solution. Turkey has not yet come up an atmosphere of mutual understanding and flexibility after EU leaders voiced threats of sanctions against Erdogan’s government. Meanwhile, Greece’s foreign minister this week accused Turkey of invading European stability and conducting military operations in the region. He said Turkey was handing over terrorists to European countries and had released millions of migrants who could jeopardize European security.

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It was only recently that the Turkish president proposed a reform of his country’s judicial policy in response to political pressure from the international community. The move, meanwhile, has been interpreted as a show of flexibility for newly elected US President Joe Biden and the pressure on European countries.EU Commissioner Josep Borrell told reporters two months ago that it was “unfortunate” that no progress had been made on the maritime dispute between Turkey and Greece when EU leaders gave Ankara time to find a diplomatic solution. He also said there was no change in Turkish aggression behavior. Instead, the situation has worsened.

The European Governments, in response to Turkey’s exploration of the disputed waters, have proposed a resumption of talks or sanctions in response to Turkey’s ambitions. Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country would not “prostrate to threats and intimidation from European countries” but reiterated his call for talks on the disputed territorial waters between Greece, Cyprus and Turkey and Turkish rights to available energy sources.The conference said that the EU offers Turkey hope and close ties and trade cooperation if Ankara “enters into dialogue in good faith”. Ankara, meanwhile, has not yet directly accepted the EU’s call. He argues that marine resources are his right.



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