EXCLUSIVE: “You chose dishonour, and you will have war,” Sophiane Ben Farhat warns Tunisian islamists

Islamist propaganda continues to leverage the spectre of the coup to reduce the growing consensus of the President of the Tunisian Republic, Kais Saied. The radical Islamist group, Ennahdha, seems to have no way out. The well-known journalist and intellectual, Sophiane Ben Farhat, is convinced of that. “Since the President of the Tunisian State Kais Saied’s dramatic move on July 25, there had been great debate over whether it was a coup by a power-hungry president or an example of unwavering leadership by a former constitutional scholar”. So, he tells today The Arab Post.

“In fact, on July 25– he recalls – there had been an uprising of Tunisian people all day long across the country, especially in deep Tunisian regions and near the young people, a violent revolt against locals of the Ennahdha party. People were angry, revolting against poverty, exclusion, corruption, and privileges of the parties and the government led by the Ennahdha coalition. President Saïed appears to be responding to the will of the people to protect their country and democracy from an anti-reform parliament headed by political Islamists. Who’s envision an Islamic state as the vehicle to reimplement sharia or Islamic law and thus restore global leadership and moral sovereignty to Muslims as if the Tunisians were apostates and heretics who must be Islamized by force.”

Ennahdha pretends it’s a coup.

Ben Farhat stresses that “at first, the party Ennahdha expected a firm resolution from western countries, especially The United States of America, to condemn the change Kaïs Saïed did at the summit of the State on July 25. Still, there had been a moderate preoccupation about the stability of Tunisia, its democratic process, and its institutions. Kaïs Saïed Frozen the parliament and took urgent measures as previewed by article 80 of the Constitution. He dismissed the government and promised the appointment of a new prime minister shortly. These emergency measures are planned for one renewable month.”

“With the latest developments in Afghanistan, Ennahdha expects international support from the international fundamentalist groups, including Isis, al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hizb Ettahrir,” Ben Farhat continues, indicating that Ennahdha and its allies do not understand two essential facts. “With President Joe Biden, the first is that the United States renews itself with the Monroe doctrine, whose foundation is a withdrawal into oneself with America to the Americans as its main slogan. But, in an accurate cynical way, it also means Afghanistan to the Taliban, Russia to the Russians, and China to the Chinese. The second fundamental fact is that, after the First and Second World Wars, especially after the global Covid 19 pandemic, humanity needs a new glorious Thirty, synonymous with trade, exchanges, increased tourism and travel, art, creations, and leisure”.

“In other words, political Islam is over.” The Tunisian journalist adds, explaining that “it is no longer a consent choice as after the eruption of the said Arab Spring. However, even with a strong man, Tunisia’s stability matters greatly in international relations and diplomacy during reconstruction with its juicy contracts in Libya”.

Then he addresses the Islamists by saying: “Rached Ghannouchi, the President of the Ennahdha party, is pathetic; he does not want to admit that the game is over for him and his sect, especially since the real problem is not between Ghannouchi and Kaies Saied but somewhat between Ennahdha and the Tunisian people. When Kais Saied hammers and claims as he increasingly does that there will be no turning back, he resolutely knows what he’s talking about. In fact, according to the latest polls, 94% of Tunisians support his action. So, if he retreats or changes his mind, it is an actual political suicide for him. There had been a toxic and finest overdose of Islamism in Tunisia. The game is over, and it’s finished”.

Sophiane Ben Farhat concludes, warning: “Rached Ghannouchi must remember Winston Churchill once said: You were given a choice between war and dishonour. But you chose dishonour, and you will have war.”



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