EXCLUSIVE: Kais Saied removes dangerous islamist infiltration among Tunisian security forces leadership

The Arab Center for Political and Social Studies in Geneva director, Riyadh Sidaoui, said that the latest movements made by Kaïs Saïed among the Ministry of the Interior executives destroyed the infiltration’s work and efforts to control the security services that Ennahdha has provided for ten years. The Tunisian polytologue and expert on extremism added that in one day, Kais Saïed swept away all the dubious and corrupt elements that Ennahdha had managed to recruit and place in the Interior Ministry’s command positions.

Riyadh Sidaoui, Arab Center for Political and Social Studies Director

Yesterday, Kais Saied fired Anwar Ben Hassan, head of the Tunisian National Anti-Corruption Authority. Instead, the President indicated that the Administrative and Finance Authority of the National Anti-Corruption Authority would directly handle all the actions required by the normal conduct of the Commission’s interests on a timely basis. Furthermore, after appointing Reda Garsalawhi as Interior Minister, the President of the Tunisian Republic decided to introduce changes in the national guard and security forces by selecting Sami Al-Hishri, Director-General of National Security, and Shukri Al-Riyahi, for the National Guard.

According to reports from the Arab Center for Political and Social Studies, the Muslim Brotherhood, represented locally by the Islamist Ennahdha party led and founded by Rachid Ghannouchi, has infiltrated the security agencies and leadership positions of the Ministry of Interior and the Judiciary. That was possible by bribing some officials, then replacing the old guard with trusted men, also part of the movement. All this guaranteed the extremists safe passage to other countries and plundered the coffers of the Tunisian state and people with impunity.

We recall that Tunisia has been in a state of emergency since 2015, after a series of bloody terrorist attacks that have targeted institutions and tourist sites. Last year a man stuffed with explosives rushed into the entrance to the US embassy, killing at least two police officers. This security emergency has further contributed to the economic crisis by depriving the country of a vital sector such as tourism.



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