Famous people and popular personalities used to embellish Qatar’s image in Africa.

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Qatar is trying to maneuver between its relations with elements involved in terrorist acts and others that have a good international reputation in Africa, which explains the nature of the Qatari presence in the continent that has many commercial and investment aspects, Qatar uses generous support for terrorist elements in an attempt to unify them.

With the growing presence of Qatar through its support for many terrorist organizations in Africa, Doha found itself obliged to weave relationships with personalities in several fields that serve as the interface which paves the way for its smooth penetration in many African societies, and embodies an aesthetic image through what many evil plans aim to support extremist organizations will passed.

Doha have players and supporters ,that Qatar provides with money to defend its goals and achieve its hidden interests and to keep the terrorism funding  suspicions away .

Qatar started recruiting a number of men in Somalia. Some of them have been recruited when they took high positions, and qatar worked to support their positions in a way that serves Doha’s interests.

like Fahd Yassin, the head of intelligence in Somalia, who worked for a long time as a reporter for Al-Jazeera channel there, and his connection with Qatar getting close of  President Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo , the man became close to Qatar, and he did not hesitate to take Steps that served its policies, with all its declared and hidden goals.

Doha found in this type of people a good way to infiltrate and influence decision-making. However, it has expanded its gaze far more recently. The tricks and games of Doha have been exposed in Somalia, Sudan and Libya, as well as  in Mali, Rwanda, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon.

The French magazine “Jeune Afrique” recently published an important report that drew attention to the nature of the roles played by Doha, indicating its dependence on a number of prominent personalities to secure its interests in Africa, and at the head of these, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who became one of the most prominent clients who created a foothold ,he opened the way for Qatar  in some African countries via  his personal relations and opened doors that were closed to Qatar.

According to the same report, published earlier this year, Sarkozy has given Qatar the opportunity to penetrate the Ivory Coast, through his strong relations with President Hassan Abdul Rahman Wattara, who in turn received Prince Tamim bin Hamad, and was given the highest honor in his country and opened his commercial and investment markets.

Doha tried to take advantage of this step to strengthen its relations with Abidjan to be a base station for it in West Africa, after extending its gaze previously to East Africa, and  took Somalia as a base to start towards neighboring countries, or to interfere in the conflicts and disputes.

Munir Adib, the Egyptian researcher in the Islamic groups’ affairs, stressed that Doha exploits the political instability experienced by some countries of the continent, and seeks to control decisions, in order to facilitate its mission towards supporting extremist groups that achieve their interests.

Doha is using some regional and international personalities to prepare for the official presence of extremist groups on the continent by persuading governments to reconcile with terrorist elements to integrate them in the countries in which they are present, similar to its sponsorship of the recent peace agreement between the Taliban and the United States ,said  Munir Adib



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