Football Giant Cristiano Ronaldo teams up with health tech brand WHOOP as investor and Brand Ambassador

football giant cristiano ronaldo teams up with fitness tech brand whoop as investor and brand ambassador

Cristiano Ronaldo and Whoop Founder/CEO, Will Ahmed, appeared in an instagram live stream to announce the partnership officially yesterday. It is reported that the Portuguese footballer would be the official brand ambassador of the brand’s products. It had been previously seen that Cristiano, a fitness freak himself, always endorses good products that have nutritional value and adds value to sports and fitness in general. 

He also has been formerly seen to endorse plain water over beverages and soft drinks, and also trains hard during practice sessions. Him endorsing this startup Whoop gives the brand a huge face value and tells the fact that the product is indeed of value addition to sportspersons and general public. 

The brand deals in fitness apparel and smart tech like smart gym vests, arm bands,  batteries and fitness trackers etc. The brand has been endorsed and promoted by other sports celebrities like Micheal Phelps, Rory Mcllroy, Patrick Maholmes, Eli Manning, and more. These individuals have stakes in the brand too as Cristiano now has. 

The company provides membership plans to those who want to purchase their products and train along with the brand. The services are available in Italian and Spanish other than English to start with. The brand’s products are now shipped to quite a few countries all over the Middle East starting from Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and extends to other places over the globe such as Hong Kong, Israel, South Korea, and Taiwan. 

“Cristiano has been a WHOOP member for a long time and we are proud to strengthen our relationship with him through this partnership”, WHOOP’s CEO and founder Will Ahmed said in the Live. He went on to add,”Ronaldo’s relentless strive to achieve perfection and improvement mirrors our mission. We are looking to gain an insight into his training and recovery methods through this collaboration.”

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Ronaldo has often been referred to as the Greatest of All Time in the modern era and has a huge fan following over the globe. He has scored a whopping 891 goals becoming one of the top level goal scorers internationally and has seven league titles and 5 UEFA Champions League to his name. Along with that, he has won the Ballon D’or 5 times. He has been associated with Manchester United, then Real Madrid, Juventus and most recently the Al Nassr football club. He started representing the senior Portugal team since 2003 and has been continuing to do so flawlessly over the years. 



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