Free VPN will be available in all Google One plans soon


Until now, Google’s virtual private network service was available only to Google One subscribers, but that might change soon.

Google One has added VPN to its $1.99/month plan, according to several reports.

However, GSM Arena reported that the rollout would take some time — perhaps a few weeks. Virtual private network services are provided by Google One to members in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the UK, and the US.

Members Gets Extra Storage, Advanced Security & More


  100 GB




200 GB








Expanded Storage Yes Yes Yes
Google Photos Editing Features Yes Yes Yes
VPN by Google One Yes Yes Yes
Dark web report Yes Yes Yes
Google Store Rewards   3% 10%
Google Workplace Premium Feature     Yes
Gold Status on Play Point     Yes

Caption: Plan pricing may vary in different countries/regions

On what basis did the tech giant choose the mentioned countries, we are not aware. As well as being able to use the VPN on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices, “eligible” users will be able to share the service with up to five other Google One members.

As well as the dark web report, US-based users will be able to scan and inspect the dark web to determine if any of their personal data has been uploaded and published there. A variety of security breaches can reveal this data. “Millions” of people are affected annually by online identity fraud with information stolen like this, according to Google.

A user who uses this service will be notified as soon as their private information is posted on the dark web. Users will need to select the information and data they wish to track first.

Google announced that it will launch a dark web report feature in the next few weeks as well as guide users on how to protect their privacy.



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