From ‘rage applying’ to ‘copycat layoffs’, 5 top workplace buzzwords of 2023


The year is still young, but a number of new buzzwords have already started proliferating across workplaces.

Attitudes towards jobs are changing as employees adjust to a post-pandemic world. There are now dozens of new terms to describe the new normal, including ‘Bare Minimum Monday’ and ‘Rage Applying’. Read on for the five biggest.

1. Copycat Layoffs

This popular term describes the idea that companies are being influenced by one another as they lay off their employees in thousands. Since the second half of last year, dozens of companies have fired scores of workers, with a majority of them blaming the financial market for the job cuts.

2. Quiet Hiring

This buzzword refers to a situation in which an organisation acquires new skills without actually increasing the headcount. Quite hiring usually means making current employees take on additional roles beyond their current job descriptions.

While this trend can benefit the organisation, it may prove to be a source of discomfort for workers not interested in transitioning to roles they may not be passionate about.

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3. Bare Minimum Monday

This term, popularised by TikToker Marisa Jo, is similar to quiet quitting, but particularly for the start of the week. Bare Minimum Monday gives workers the freedom to only do the bare minimum of what needs to be done on Monday, apart from doing whatever else they want to.
One of the main aims of this approach is to fight the hustle culture and minimise the anxiety and stress that usually comes at the start of a new workweek.

4. Rage Applying

It’s the practice of mass applying for jobs fuelled by feelings of dissatisfaction at work. While the practice has helped some land better-paying roles within weeks, few experts have raised warnings against searching for jobs while taking emotions like fear, burnout, or resentment into consideration.

5. Career Cushioning

This term started to take off late last year and is on the rise as a number of companies announce surprise job cuts. Career cushioning addresses people starting to search for other jobs while still in their current roles.



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