Thousands of Tunisians March and Object to President Saied’s ‘Power Grab


Tunisia TunisiaOn Sunday, Thousands of Tunisians marched and demanded that the country’s constitution be regarded and called for the impeachment of President Kaïs Saied

Saied granted himself the power to govern by decree on Wednesday, two months in the wake of firing the PM, suspending the parliament, and assuming main power, saying it resulted from a national crisis. 

However, analysts have called it a coup, and demonstrators asked the parliament to be reinstated. Many Saied allies held a counter-protest yet were isolated by security fences. Heavy Police were deployed who tried to stop demonstrators progressing towards Habib Bourguiba Avenue. 

Last month, Saied had brushed aside a large part of the constitution, which he stated he would select a board or committee to amend it, adding that he could control by decree.

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Seven days after thousands were seen taking on the street against Saied, the increasing number of dissenters on each side raises the chance of Tunisia’s political disputes spiralling into road conflicts between the two camps. Protestors said they wouldn’t acknowledge the coup; we have had enough as the Police obstructed the march.

Tunisia declared a new government on Monday, and the new Prime Minister Najla Bouden said that the government’s main priority would be to handle corruption, whereas the nation is currently facing a rising economic crisis. However, she didn’t mention any plan to reform the financial crisis. “I’m sure we will move from dissatisfaction to trust I caution all who will compromise the state,” said Saied at the meeting. 

Domestic political players and foreign contributors had been demanding a new government for a long time, alongside an explicit announcement by Saied of a timeline to rectify the crisis.



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