Iran government minister injured, one dies in helicopter crash

iran helicopter

State media said that a helicopter carrying Iran’s sports minister crashed on Thursday in the south of the country, killing one of his assistants and wounding 15 others.

According to the official IRNA news agency, the minister, Hamid Sajjadi, was injured in the accident while the helicopter was landing at a stadium in Baft, a town in the Kerman region.

According to IRNA, which also cited the Red Crescent, his adviser Esmail Ahmadi passed away, and 16 other people—including the minister, four crew members, and other officials—were hurt.

Despite having a cerebral haemorrhage, the minister’s overall health is stable, according to Mohammad Saberi, the province’s Red Crescent director, who made the announcement on television.

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According to IRNA, the Red Crescent chopper crashed upon landing and was only a few metres (yards) above the ground.

Sanctions-hit Iran has had a number of recent aviation incidents, and officials have lamented that it is challenging to obtain new parts for its outdated fleet of aircraft.



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