Gulf Market Sentiments Diverge on Fed Pause Speculation and Oil Price Surge

gulf market sentiments diverge on fed pause speculation and oil price surge

Several variables, including wagers on the Federal Reserve’s interest rate trajectory and the effect of higher oil prices on the region’s economy, caused major Gulf stock markets to perform inconsistently during early trading on Wednesday.

The Saudi stock index, TASI, was able to turn around two straight sessions of losses by recording a 0.3% gain. The Saudi National Bank, the biggest lender in the nation, saw its shares rise 0.7%, aiding this recovery.

The QSI stock index in Qatar likewise showed a growing trend, increasing by 0.2%. The value of shares in Qatar National Bank, the largest lender in the Gulf, increased by 0.7%, while shares in Qatar Islamic Bank increased by 0.5%.

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Recent dismal labor market statistics from the United States, which revealed a decrease in job opportunities to a level not seen in about 2-1/2 years, can be blamed for the change in market attitude. This data fueled speculation that the Federal Reserve might pause its interest rate hikes.

Because many of the regional currencies are tied to the dollar, investors in the Gulf closely follow the actions of the U.S. Federal Reserve. The focus placed by the central bank on determining interest rates using data-driven indicators pushed traders to modify their positions in response to the most recent economic signals.

The continuance of price increases for oil further highlighted the Gulf economy’s reliance on it. The U.S., the world’s top user of gasoline, saw a significant decline in crude inventories, according to industry figures. Investors continued to monitor changes in the price of oil as worries about a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico increased market uncertainty.



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