Syrian Olympic Swimmer Yusra Mardini Walks The Runway In Miami


Yusra Mardini, a Syrian swimmer who qualified in the Olympics, now has a new title to add to her increasing list of successes.

The swimmer, whose sister Sarah and she fled their homeland with, was featured in the BAFTA-nominated Netflix film “The Swimmers,” walked the Hugo Boss runway in Miami this week.

Mardini shared a photo of herself on the catwalk and remarked on Instagram, “Thank you for involving me in this amazing event.

Mardini, who is based in Germany, dressed a white shirt dress from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection with a beige vest, beige calf-length stockings, and brown heels.

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With A-list celebrities Naomi Campbell, Pamela Anderson, Law Roach, American Palestinian producer DJ Khaled, Precious Lee, and Ezra Frech, she walked the Miami-inspired runway show.

Mardini previously walked on the runway for the Autumn/Winter 2023 presentation of the clothing line Casablanca in January.

Together with a long list of Arab and worldwide celebrities, including DJ Khaled, Dutch-Palestinian model Gigi Hadid, Demi Lovato, Paris Hilton, Colombian singer Maluma, actress Bella Thorne, and many more, she also starred in Boss’s digital campaign that month.

Mardini submitted a collage of two photos for the commercial, both of her wearing Boss sweatshirts—one from her youth and the other from today.

Mardini recently stated in an interview with Arab News that she is focussing on her non-profit work as well as other projects.

Mardini, a member of the Refugee Olympic Athletes Team who competed in the Summer Olympics in 2016 and 2020, wants to establish a foundation to help refugees have access to possibilities in education and sports. Also, she is beginning her own career as a filmmaker.

She said, “I’m also a student at the University of Southern California here in California, where I’m majoring in cinema and production.

I have a non-profit organization, I work with the UNHCR, I study, and I am involved in a lot of fashion-related activities. Overall, I am delighted with my life.”



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