Health facilities in Sudan under attack, workers also under threat


Sudan SudanWith each passing day protests in Sudan are increasing and with it attacks on protestors and civilians has also been on the rise. Crisis seems to be escalating in the nation after the military coup and the recent case of violence has reported 15 attacks on healthcare workers and some of the health facilities.

The attacks have been going on since last November and as per the World Health Organization (WHO), there have been several such attacks which threaten the life of people. The Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari of WHO said that the crisis is escalating and is of great concern. Till now, there have been 11 incidents which have been confirmed in the capital, Khartoum, and other cities.

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“Most of these attacks were committed against healthcare workers in the form of physical assault, obstruction, violent searches, and related psychological threats and intimidation”, said Dr. Al-Mandhari. The local media also confirmed two incidents where it was revealed that raids and incursions had taken place by the military personnel on facilities. There were other incidents where it was said there were attacks on patients and workers. It was later on found out that there were cases when people had suffered injuries. They were put into detention posts and forced to search.



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