Will conflicts in Yemen see an end this year? Or things are moving in the opposite direction?


Yemen YemenWith 2022, people all over the world expect things to get better in terms of existential issues, especially those issues that concern human lives. As a nation, Yemen is the one which has been witnessing the most terrible humanitarian crisis in over two decades and it was expected that the new year will bring some positivity regarding the peace in the region but unfortunately, none of it happened.

The war has been continuing for seven years and yet there is no definite solution to the persisting issues. The Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia blames the Houthis for the state of the country including violations of human rights while the Houthis target the Kingdom for its involvement in the matter.

The coalition has been carrying out attacks to threaten Houthis of Yemen provinces. Be it through military force or air strikes, the Arab coalition is looking for a force to reckon with in the country at the moment. Houthis are backed by Iran and this in a way puts Iran in the spotlight for sponsoring terroism.

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Iran has always been put under scanner for its approach towards terroism is partly because of it backing for Houthi rebels in Yemen. Houthis were responsible for carrying several attacks in the regions which resulted in mass deaths further leading to canceling major funds for the civilians resulting in a terrible humanitarian crisis.

The spokesperson of the Arab coalition, Turki Al-Malki, said, “The political solution is the best option for the crisis in Yemen, but the military tool seeks to achieve this goal.” He also expressed that for the coalition, lives of the civilians is extremely important and hence they have moved their attacks in Sanaa as per the situation and population of Carolina in the city. “We take the decision when and where to target the Houthi capabilities,” he added.



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