Hezbollah buys land near Lebanon to expand influence in Syria


Security challenges to Israel from Lebanon and Syria exposed what it described as a large-scale inter-regional Hezbollah disaster. With the purchase of land around Lebanon’s border, a tunnel system is designed to move personnel and weapons around and out of the sight of the Israel Defense Forces.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah is expanding its control over the Syrian regions by buying the land around the border of Damascus, as part of the expansion operations carried out by the militia loyal to Iran. The Syrian Observatory mentioned that last year armed and violent fighting took place in the town of Fleita in the western Qalamoun region. It broke out between armed Lebanese Hezbollah on one side, and the National Defense Forces on the other hand. The fight broke out because of severe and critical differences over financial profits in the drug trade.

It was explained that Hamas didn’t invent tunnels. Usually, Hamas is the last in the food chain when it comes to new tools used by the radical axis. The discovery of the tunnel network in Gaza leads to the conclusion that this has been happening in Lebanon for a long time. The Iranians and North Koreans are mentors for both organizations. Hezbollah is usually the pioneer.

The report mentioned that since 2006, North Korean advisors significantly assisted Hezbollah’s tunnel project. Hezbollah, inspired and supported by the Iranians, saw North Korea as a professional authority about tunnelling, based on the expansive North Korean experience that has accumulated in building tunnels for military use since the 1950s.



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