Israel Stops Al Jazeera TV From Working There

israel stops al jazeera tv from working there

Israel’s government made a big choice. They decided to stop the Al Jazeera TV station from working in their country. Israel’s leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, said Al Jazeera is a voice for Hamas. Hamas runs Gaza, and Israel is fighting against them right now.

Police Take Al Jazeera’s Stuff  

To make sure Al Jazeera stops working in Israel, the police went to their office at a hotel in Jerusalem on Sunday. The police took some of Al Jazeera’s things. A video shows the police officers and government workers going into a room at the hotel.

Al Jazeera is very mad about this choice. They say the claims that they are a danger to Israel are not true and are bad lies. They say they will take the choice to court.

People Can Still See Al Jazeera Online

While the main TV service in Israel has stopped showing Al Jazeera, people in Israel can still watch it on Facebook. So the block is not complete. But many groups are still very mad about this choice.  

A group called the Association for Civil Rights in Israel has asked the Supreme Court to stop this ban. They say the claims that Al Jazeera works for Hamas are not true.

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Other Countries Are Mad Too   

The Foreign Press Association, which speaks for journalists from other countries, has asked Israel to think again about this choice. They warn that Israel is now joining a group of countries that don’t allow free speech and a free press.

The Committee to Protect Journalists has also said that Israel should let all international media work freely, especially during a war.  

The United Nations has also asked Israel to reverse this ban. They say that a free and independent media is very important to make sure things are open and fair.

Al Jazeera Is Important In Gaza

Al Jazeera’s reporters in Gaza are some of the only ones who can show what is happening there, because other foreign journalists are not allowed in. Israeli officials have said for a long time that Al Jazeera is against Israel, but many people think stopping them from working goes too far and is against the idea of a free press.



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