How Qatar penetrated Europe to finance terrorism

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It is no longer a secret to anyone Qatar’s involvement in financing extremism in Europe, but what is new in this regard is revealed by articles, investigations and books for suspected Qatari interference in the affairs of Muslims residing in France recently in a book titled “Qatar Papers, How the Emirate Finances the Islam of France and Europe”, which is an explosion against the rulers of Qatar.

A data volume was leaked to writers Christian Chino and George Malburno that contains hundreds of documents, such as copies of documents about financial transfers and funding requests sent by associations in many European countries and the responses of “Qatar Charity” to the funding requests and confirm its terms and messages exchanged between it and its extremist clients.

The authors of the book “Qatar Papers, How the Emirate Finances Islam in France and Europe” hold the responsibility to the regime in Qatar directly because they know that nothing can be done without the direct intervention of the Qatari Emir Tamim and his father, and their investigation showed that the institution runs from the office of Tamim himself, unlike What is called the Elysee Palace. It is not surprising when recalling that the Muslim Brotherhood supported Emmanuel Macron in the presidential elections.

In the book, there is exposure to the cooperation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Emir of Qatar, Tamim, in working to consolidate the Brotherhood’s terrorist presence in Europe. The book includes that “Qatar relies on France, especially in Germany, and on Erdogan, its main non-Arab ally and its Turkish diaspora.” Even if the Turkish practices of Islam have specificities that make cooperation difficult in the field, there are attempts at convergence in certain cities such as the city of Nantes as well as Strasbourg, where a large Turkish mosque is dedicated to achieving about 30 million euros.

According to the book, the rulers of Doha, through the so-called “Qatar Charitable Foundation”, pay money to many Islamic societies in order to market the ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood, amounting to about 72 million euros. The number of projects has reached about 140 projects in 6 European countries. And the share of the Muslim Brotherhood in France was 25 million euros.

This aid is financing the construction or expansion of dozens of schools and centers under the hoax of serving Muslims residing in France at a value of 4.2 million euros in 2014 alone. The goal is to transform these semi-schools into dens to spread extremist ideology that leads directly to terrorism. This last goal is the same, which was supposed to be achieved through the huge financial contribution in 2016, which amounted to one million and 200 thousand euros in building the Islamic Center of the Muslim Brotherhood in Villeneuve d’Ascq, northern France.



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