How To Change The Voice On Google Translate In Easy Steps?

how To Change The Voice On Google

Some translations in Google Translate can be spoken aloud by an automated voice, and the translator’s voices vary depending on the language. But changing the language is the only method to alter the voice.

Since the translator uses various modules for a text-to-speech system for each distinct language offered by audible translation, there is just one voice for each language that enables voice translation. Google Translate does not offer voice translation for every language.

Since its launch in 2006, Google Translate has formally supported 133 languages, and it continues to add more languages as part of its translation services. You are still limited to the translate app’s default voice, despite having access to so many languages.

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Additionally, the app’s voice gender cannot be changed, therefore you are unable to switch from the default male or female voice. This is so because only a small number of languages—like Albanian and Croatian—use the male voice as the default.

Even so, there are a few ways to at least switch between distinct varieties of a single language.

Android: How To Change Voice On Google Translate?
Although Google Translate does not now support switching between voices, it may do so in the future.
On the contrary, you can concurrently translate your speech to text between 2 languages and between distinct tones of the same language.

● Open the Translate application.
● In the top right corner, tap your profile symbol.
● Tap-profile-icon-Google-Translate-Android
● Next, select Settings.
● Google-translate-settings-android
● Select Region from the Voice area, then select the option that most suits your needs.

iOS: How To Change Voice On Google Translate?
If you’re using Google Translate on an iOS device, you still have the option of changing default voice. You just need to follow these steps.

● Start the Google Translate application.
● Select Speech area from the Voice section by tapping Settings at the bottom of the screen.
● Speech-region-Google-Translate-app-iPhone
● Choose a language, then from the list of dialects, pick a different one.

Browser: How To Change Voice On Google Translate?
Unfortunately, there aren’t many options available when utilizing Google Translate online. Only texts from a website can be translated, including voice input and other texts. There are no settings available at the moment to change the voice or select other accents.



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