In focus: Russian hostages in Gaza, Tucker Carlson Putin exclusive interview

tucker carlson putin exclusive interview

Russian president Vladimir Putin told leaders of the country’s Jewish community on February 7 that Moscow had achieved “specific results” in diplomatic efforts to free hostages caught up in the brutal Israel-Hamas conflict, according to Russian news agencies.

Putin said Moscow had made use of its contacts with the political wing of Hamas. “You know, since the situation became more tense in the Middle East, Russia has been doing everything to help people who became hostages,” the leader was quoted as saying, as per Arab News.

The ongoing war broke out on October 7 when Hamas militants launched a surprise attack on Israeli cities, killing about 1,200 people and taking some 240 others hostages. The Israeli army swiftly reciprocated, with the death toll from those attacks crossing 27,500 already.

Moscow criticising Israeli military action in Gaza

Russia’s efforts are directed at helping Russian nationals, but they also seek to help others, the president mentioned. “They include elderly people and their family members who survived the Holocaust.” Moscow has criticised Israeli military action in Gaza.

Russia, which has drawn closer to Iran since the outbreak of the nearly two-year-old Ukraine war, has restated its support for Palestinian statehood. It has also said the violence in the Middle East reflects US policy failures in the region, reported Arab News.

In another related significant development, prominent US journalist Tucker Carlson is expected to release a controversial exclusive interview with the Russian president on Thursday at 6 pm Eastern time (11 pm GMT) on his website.

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“Arrest those calling for his arrest!”: Elon Musk

The former Fox News host travelled to Moscow for Putin’s first interview with a western media figure since the beginning of Ukraine war. His access to Putin is in stark contrast with restraints on other foreign journalists in Russia, where two US citizens are imprisoned.

Tesla CEO and one of the richest persons globally, Elon Musk, has voiced his opinion that anyone advocating for the arrest of Carlson due to the upcoming broadcast should themselves face arrest. He said: “Arrest those calling for his arrest!”

Carlson is closely aligned with Donald Trump for the 2024 election and has openly criticised US aid to Ukraine. He made his way to Moscow to present the Russian perspective on the Ukraine crisis and the strain in relations between Russia and the West.



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