Argentinian Embassy Move to Jerusalem Sparks Outcry in Arab World: Hamas Condemns Decision

argentinian embassy move to jerusalem

Argentinian President Javier Milei’s announce to move the country’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. this new  has sparked strong reactions from Hamas and the Arab world. The decision is being criticized for its perceived impact on Palestinian rights and its support for the “Israeli occupation.”

Hamas, in an official statement on its English-language Telegram channel, strongly condemned Milei’s plan, describing it as a breach of international law and an offense against Palestinian sovereignty. ​

The Islamic Resistance Movement asked President Milei to change his Decision. They are  accusing him of collaborating with the “Zionist occupier”. They also claim that he is violating the rights of the Palestinian people. The term “Nazi-Zionist entity” was used in the statement to express the group’s disapproval of the decision.

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The controversy which includes the embassy relocation shows the big tensions, Mix reactions and differing perspectives on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The decision has increased criticism  and addition from different areas in the Arab world. It shows the  sensitivity of the Jerusalem issue.

 The situation remains complicated, with both supporters and opposition to the embassy move news.  It shows the challenge of relocating and  diplomatic decisions in the context of the Middle East conflict. Historical and Geopolitical factors play a huge role in increasing divisions and creating strong reactions in the region. The international community is expected to closely observe this matter. 

The concerns expressed by Hamas found resonance across Arabic-speaking media, emphasizing President Milei’s arrival in Israel via an El Al plane and his commitment to relocating the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

While an official response from the Palestinian Authority is still pending, Abed Al-Fatah Dolah, spokesperson of Fatah, utilized X platform to condemn Milei’s embassy relocation plan. Dolah said it is a violation for international law and Palestinian sovereignty as well.



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