In Iran, methanol is widely consumed to protect against coronavirus. About 300 people died

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In Iran, locals are massively taking industrial methanol because of rumors that it can protect against coronavirus.

 According to the agency, local social network accounts massively post messages that supposedly whiskey and honey can help in the fight against the disease.  Along with reports of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, rumors have surfaced that drinking alcohol will kill the virus in their bodies.  Since 1979, alcohol has been banned in the country.  In this regard, local residents began to take technical alcohol, the poisoning of which causes serious consequences, including fatal cases.

 One of the victims of this method of combating COVID-19 is a 5-year-old boy to whom his parents gave methyl alcohol, thinking that he would protect their child from coronavirus.

 As a result, the boy went blind.  The child is now in a coma.  This is only one of hundreds of similar cases in the country.

 Now the number of fatal cases has allegedly increased to 300.

Methanol is an industrial alcohol that is most often used as a solvent.

 Now Iran has recorded 29,406 cases of coronavirus and 2,234 deaths.

 At the same time, 10 457 people were able to recover from COVID-19.  At the same time, international experts fear that Iran might underestimate morbidity and mortality rates due to the upcoming parliamentary elections in the country.



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