Sanctions on Iran : Rouhani trys to coax Americans.

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The successive crises in Iran, which were exacerbated after the deadly Corona Virus outbreak, prompted President Hassan Rouhani to turn to the American people in a desperate attempt to sympathize in order to alleviate the American sanctions on the depleted Iranian economy due to the scattered crises.

Iran International Arabic website reported that Rouhani sent a message to the American people on Friday evening, in which he said that “the victims of the sanctions and the Corona virus are the ordinary citizens in alleys and streets, not political currents,” asking the American people to urge their government to lift the sanctions on Iran.

In the message, Rouhani added, “In the name of human justice, I address your pure consciences and your divine instinct and ask you to inform your government and your deputies in Congress that enmity, pressure and sanctions have not and will not work.”

The Iranian economy is groaning under the weight of the US sanctions imposed by Washington after its 2018 withdrawal from the nuclear agreement, as US President Donald Trump accuses Tehran of carrying out destabilizing terrorist activities by moving its agents in more than one country.

Trump believes that the purpose of the sanctions is to limit Iran’s subversive activities and prevent it from enriching uranium to enable it to possess deadly nuclear weapons.

The economic hardships and political turmoil of Iran were added to the Corona virus, which fiercely hit Iranian cities, killing thousands of people, including political officials and medical personnel.

Sources said that the victims of the virus amounted to 3511, while the Iranian regime still opposes imposing a quarantine on the cities, considering that this is one of the powers of the Corona Control Center and not the powers of the system.

The Iranian regime’s lax announcement of a general quarantine on all Iranian provinces as part of tightening measures to stop the bleeding of the Iranians due to the virus reflects the extent of Tehran’s fears that this will cast severe shadows on the economy and disrupt vital sectors at a time when Iran is experiencing its worst crisis in decades.

The Iranian economy gradually deteriorated due to Washington’s sanctions, as Iran lost 200 billion dollars due to the sanctions, according to what President Rouhani confirmed last December. The Iranian regime acknowledged that its country has been unable, under the cloak of American sanctions, to provide sufficient supplies to effectively confront the virus, hoping to lift the sanctions, which Washington did not welcome.

“In the conditions of a serious global epidemic, the distance between Tehran, Paris, London and Washington will disappear, and any short-sighted hostile policy that weakens Iran’s health system and its financial resources in managing the Corona crisis will directly affect the process of combating this epidemic in other countries,” Rouhani said.

It is noteworthy that Washington had offered days ago to help Iran in the fight against the virus, but the latter refused, while the United States asserts that its sanctions do not include the export of humanitarian aid and medicines to the Islamic Republic. Washington this week cut off hope on Iran over stopping sanctions against it, sending a tough message to Tehran that the outbreak of the virus will not spare the Islamic Republic from the US sanctions that stifle its oil revenues and put its economy in isolation from the world.



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