India is the New Favorite Place for Big Tech

india is the new favorite place for big tech

India is quickly becoming the place that big tech companies really love. Companies like Apple are very excited about India. 

More Indian App Makers

The boss at Apple, Tim Cook, is super happy that more and more app makers are coming from India. He says Apple is working hard all across India. They want to help the app makers make better apps. Apple also wants to sell their products better and run their business smoothly in India.

Apple’s Business in India is Growing Fast  

Tim Cook says Apple’s business in India grew a lot this year. It set a new record in March. India is now a major focus for Apple. Cook calls India “an incredibly exciting market.”

Cook said, “We grew really well in India, by double-digits. We were very pleased with that record growth in March. I have said before, India is an exciting market that is a big priority for us now.”

Why India is So Popular with Tech Companies

All the biggest global tech companies are going to India. This is because India has so many talented people. The costs of running a business in India are low. And the business environment in India is stable. In 2023, big tech names grew faster in India than worldwide.

Making Products in India Too

Cook said to stay competitive globally, it’s getting very important to make products in India too. He said, “You need to produce in India to be competitive these days.” But Apple is doing more than just manufacturing in India. They are also focusing on selling products and operations.

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Apple is Going All-In on India

To grow bigger in India, Apple is building up how it sells iPhones, Macs and more. They are also helping Indian app developers a lot. In 2023, there were over 1 million Apple jobs for developers in India. Apple also set a new six-month revenue record in India.

As India becomes more and more important for technology, training people to make software and apps will be key. Having a good business environment is also important. Tech leaders like Apple are in a great position to make the most of India’s potential.



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