ECOWAS and Algeria to Work Together for Peace and Migrants

ecowas and algeria to work together for peace and migrants

The leaders of ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) and Algeria recently had a meeting. At the meeting, they agreed to have regular talks. These talks will be about the political and security situations in West Africa and the Sahel region. They will also talk about irregular migrants.

Dr. Omar Alieu Touray is the President of the ECOWAS Commission. Mr. Ahmed Attaf is the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs. They met in Algiers, Algeria from April 23-26, 2024.

During the meetings, they shared their thoughts on what is happening with politics and security in West Africa and the Sahel. They looked at ways they could work together better to deal with the challenges facing the countries and peoples in this region.

Finding Solutions Together  

After their discussions, ECOWAS and Algeria agreed on two main things. First, they will meet frequently and coordinate their work to try to find solutions to the political and security crises in the region.

Second, they promised to keep good relations and work together towards their goals. Algeria also said it is willing to discuss ideas with ECOWAS on how to safely and properly send irregular immigrants living in Algeria back to their home countries.

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Importance of Cooperation

The security situation in parts of West Africa and the Sahel region has become worse in recent years because of militant groups and political problems. Irregular migration from the region to North Africa and Europe is also a big concern.  

The commitment to discuss solutions for irregular migrants is also important. With careful planning and cooperation, they may find ways to resolve this complex human issue properly while following international laws.



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