The Delusions Behind Biden’s Plan for Peace in the Middle East

 biden's plan for peace in the middle east

On the surface, President Biden’s Plan for Peace in the Middle East to make new friends with some Arab countries. The United States gives a lot of money and weapons to Israel. If Israel has Arab allies, it will feel safer. The Arab countries have leaders who follow the Sunni branch of Islam. They could get good technology and weapons from Israel. Iran is an enemy of Israel and these Arab countries. So this plan would make Iran weaker and less powerful.

Overlooking Big Old Problems

But this plan does not think about the big old problems between these countries. Israel and the Palestinians have been fighting for a very long time. The Palestinians want their own country, but Israel keeps taking their land and building houses there. Many Arabs feel bad for the Palestinians. So their leaders cannot just become friends with Israel easily.

There is also a lot of fighting between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Iran’s leaders follow the Shia branch of Islam. Countries like Saudi Arabia follow Sunni Islam. They think Iran wants to destroy them. It is very hard for them to make peace.

Biden’s Plan for Peace in the Middle East

These countries have their own selfish reasons for wanting to be allies. The Arab countries want to get Israeli technology to make more money. But they also want to become stronger than Iran. They also want to keep getting weapons from America. 

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Israel wants Arab support against the Palestinians. It also wants to know what Iran is doing secretly. And it wants to be able to fly over Arab countries to attack Iran if needed.

With so many different hidden goals, these new alliances could break apart very quickly. Forcing enemies to become friends without solving their main problems could make the fighting even worse, not better. Real peace needs very careful work and understanding, not just making new friends



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