Iran confirms launch of its second military satellite


Iran IranOn Tuesday, Iran confirmed the launch of a satellite making it the second time that the Iran Revolutionary Guards set a satellite for the orbit. Soon after the confirmation by the state media, the United States said that the launch defies the previously set United Nations resolution. The state media reported that the Iranian Noor-2 satellite has reached a low orbit through a Ghased satellite carrier.

The fact that the launch came ahead of any confirmation in regards to the nuclear talks between the United States and Iran is extremely concerning. This move may suggest Iran’s reluctance towards going forwards with the deal despite its leaders saying otherwise in earlier reports. As per IRNA, a media agency of Iran, “Iran’s second military satellite, named Noor-2, has been launched into space by the Qassed rocket of the aerospace wing of the Revolutionary Guards and successfully placed in orbit 500 kilometers (310 miles) above the Earth.”

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As a nation, the launch is extremely important given the second satellite launch in space represents a major step for the Iranian military. It shows gradual strength that the military space in the nation has been accumulating which eventually became the reason why America has been so bothered with the launch.

The United States believes that the launch breaches UN resolution and hence it has called out Tehran to not undertake any activity which is related in any way to the ballistic missiles especially if they are capable of delivering nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons should be kept out of Iran’s order especially till any formal agreement is reached between the two nations, suggest the UN.



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