Russia Approaches Syria For Manpower To Fight Ukraine


Syria SyriaWhile Indians who didn’t get a chance to show their patriotism in the Indian Army are moving to Ukraine to fight the war, Russia is again looking for more hands on the deck. Kremlin is looking at recruiting Syrians to add to its heads towards the Ukrainian war, reports have confirmed.

This information has been shared by Washington that indeed Russia is recruiting Syrians as a favor returned to the Assad regime; who had sought help from Russian mercenaries and Kremlin to create control over Syria. Most of these Syrians have been known to have become proficient in combat and could prove as an advantage to Russia in capturing the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

Speaking to the media, the Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby has said that, “The accounts of the Russians seeking Syrian fighters, to augment their forces in Ukraine, we do believe there’s truth to that. It’s interesting that (Russian President Vladimir) Putin would have to rely on foreign fighters.”

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Kirby said he had no information on the numbers or the caliber of the Syrian fighters that the Russians are trying to sign up. Russia has not commented on the reports. It has however supported the Assad regime for decades as the country has been on war. Despite the promised ceasefire in 2019, Assad regime continued to fight the Al-Qaeda through Russian support, being instrumental in promoting war crimes. This was vehemently opposed by the western world.

Currently, the Russian military in Syria consists mostly of air force units that have carried out airstrikes. They were involved in a devastating bombing campaign in the northern city of Aleppo in 2016 that flattened many neighbourhoods and resulted in large numbers of civilian casualties.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon said the U.S. is sending an additional 500 troops on temporary assignments to NATO countries as part of the response to the Ukraine crisis. The American forces will be going to Greece, Germany, Poland and Romania. With additional troops being rotated into the region on a temporary basis, the total U.S. force in Europe is now approximately 100,000, the Pentagon added.



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