Western sanctions the root cause behind Iran’s unsuccessful nuclear talks


Iran IranRussia has managed to link the ongoing Ukraine conflict with Iran’s nuclear deal by blaming the western sanctions. On Saturday the Russian’s officials said that the western sanctions imposed due to the conflict in between Ukraine is the main reason behind the conflict in Ukraine had become a stumbling block for the Iran nuclear deal.

The Russian side stated that due to these sanctions, Moscow’s national interests have been hampered. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that they have asked for a written guarantee in the matter.

He added that he did it so that, “the United States does not in any way damage our right to free and full trade, economic and investment cooperation and military-technical cooperation with the Islamic Republic.”

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On Saturday, Iran too made a statement regarding the nuclear deal saying that it is working along with the United Nations who is at the moment acting as nuclear watchdog to solve the outstanding crisis between the US and Iran.

The United States had backed out of the 2015 nuclear deal which was signed by the former US leader Donald Trump, former US president. It was Trump himself, who backed out from the nuclear deal.

The Russian official also stressed that the western sanctions are essentially creating a dispute in the peace process and hinted that it is the reason why there is a significant delay in the peace process.



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