Iran flash flood triggered by heavy rains kill two


Iranian state media said on Thursday that flash floods brought on by heavy rainfall have killed at least two persons in northern and western Iran.

One fatality was reported in the previous day in the province of Qazvin, and the other in the province of Ilam, according to Pirhossein Koulivand, the director of the country’s emergency services. In addition, Kolivand mentioned the passing of a third individual who was killed by lightning in West Azerbaijan.

The Iranian meteorological service has issued warnings about the seasonal rains in numerous regions of the nation, including Tehran, the country’s capital.

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Iran has had a protracted drought, and the flood is attributed to climate change as well as a disregard for safety precautions such as avoiding building and constructing roads close to riverbeds.

At least 61 persons lost their lives in landslides and flash floods around the nation in July 2022.



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