Iran unveils massive underground ‘missile cities’ operated by IRGC


On Monday, Iran unveiled its massive underground ‘missile cities’, controlled by Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. In a show of the country’s advanced military might, the IRGC leader Major General Hossein Salami and the elite forces’ naval chief, Rear Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri bragged about the country’s underground military bases, without revealing the location or count.

Iranian state TV broadcasted the videos and images of missiles and other defence equipments and showed a corridor, which looked like missile storage facility. Salami said that such missile cities, where Iran had stored cruise and ballistic missiles, would help in strengthening its naval position in the region. IRGC said that the country holds many such underground facilities in Arabian Gulf coast and the Sea of Oman, which would prove to be “a nightmare for the enemy.” Tangsiri said Tehran’s rivals were aware about the bases “but their information is not accurate.”

“What we see today is a small section of the great and expansive missile capability of Revolutionary Guards’ naval forces,” Salami said. He said the new missiles and missile equipment had “advanced operational capabilities, such as accurate firing from underground launchers and civil defense sites.”

Salami said: “The new equipment in the missile city can launch mines in various ranges, allow for 360-degree and mobile firing operations, be used in electronic warfare, and enhance the IRGC naval forces’ fire range and destructive power in combat.” Boasting about the country’s enhanced defence capabilities, including new missiles and launch equipments, IRGC said these were home-grown and were designed and manufactured by country’s own military companies and IRGC naval research units.

The footage surfaced at the time when the Western powers were exploring means for US to resume the nuclear treaty with Iran and make it more binding and impactful, ensuring the safety of the region. Former US President Donald Trump withdrew from deal in 2018, and in turn imposed severe economic sanctions on Tehran’s. President Joe Biden has expressed intent to rejoin the nuclear agreement. The regional powers urged the international community to extend the new agreement to Iran’s ballistic missile program in order to control its aggressive actions.



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