Iran welcomes Joe Biden’s victory


Days after media outlets named Joe Biden the next president of the United States, there were reports that Iran was taking action related nuclear program. It also appeared that Iran welcomed Biden’s victory.

The impact of Joe Biden’s election in Iran seems to be greater than Trump’s in Iran. Rouhani, meanwhile, welcomed Biden in anticipation of a more liberal policy towards Iran. Many Iranians’ hopes for a better future after the signing of a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers in 2015 were dashed three years after US President Donald Trump left the historic deal alone.

The Islamic State of Iran has welcomed Biden’s success and his new vision for Iran. The full extent of Iran’s interference in US presidential election is not yet known, but one dirty tactic involved sending threatening emails to Florida and Arizona voters “Trump supporters” have been reported, Video shows Iranian thieves thought to be sending illegal ballot papers in absentia using stolen voter data, and the Director of National Intelligence warned that Iran had obtained voter data.

Rouhani, celebrating Biden’s victory, said it was a valuable opportunity for the United States to correct its past mistakes. The statement could be interpreted as a ploy by the regime to ease the burden on the Iranian people in the face of severe economic hardship.

On the other hand, Joe Biden said that he would restore the Iran nuclear deal if Iran came to terms with compliance and stability. This welcomed Iran’s ambition to have a US president who treated them with kindness. Meanwhile, Israeli President Netanyahu has made it clear that it is not possible to return the Iran nuclear deal, which threatens Israel’s existence.

Biden said the “big pressure” policy had failed and insisted it had led to escalating tensions, with the coalition denying that Iran was now more likely to have a nuclear weapon than before Trump took office. He said he would join the deal if Iran complied but would not lift sanctions until it did so. Mr Biden will begin negotiations to address the concerns.

Although Iran and Russia have been repeatedly accused of trying to interfere in US elections earlier this month, this has not been effective. The election took place and was won by Joe Biden. Iran came out of nowhere and entered a state of ecstasy as they welcomed Biden’s victory. They hope he will be able to bear the burdens that Trump has put on him that have caused Iran’s economic decline. Trump’s policy toward Iran, meanwhile, has been harsh and ruthless with the withdrawal of the Iran nuclear deal with major powers in 2018.



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