Metacon and Siemens sign hydrogen technology partnership agreement

metacon and siemens sign hydrogen technology partnership agreement

Metacon, a Swedish manufacturer of energy systems for the production of green hydrogen, and Siemens, a German technology company, have signed a memorandum of understanding to form a partnership aimed at accelerating the manufacture of hydrogen production systems in Sweden for the European market.

Under the agreement, Siemens will become a technology partner to Metacon, leveraging its expertise in automation, power distribution, electrification, instrumentation, building technology and drives. In addition, Siemens will provide digital services and software for optimisation, standardisation and simulation during the manufacturing and operational phases of hydrogen plants.

Christer Wikner, CEO of Metacon, was enthusiastic about the partnership, saying that Metacon has ambitious plans to manufacture and sell large-scale electrolysis plants to various sectors in Europe. Christer Wikner believes that Siemens is the ideal partner because of its leading technology portfolio, its extensive experience in similar projects and its ability to accelerate and optimise Metacon’s Gigafactory project.

Mikael Kraft, Head of Factory Automation and Sales at Siemens Digital Industries, emphasised the importance of hydrogen in achieving carbon neutrality across all industries. Siemens sees the partnership with Metacon as an important step towards creating a more sustainable world and developing innovative solutions for the energy sector.

In 2024, Metacon acquired exclusive rights to manufacture complete smelters based on PERIC’s alkaline pressure pot technology. This technology includes 5MW modules with over a decade of operating data and access to the recently launched 10MW module. Metacon plans to adapt the technology to meet European safety and automation standards, positioning itself as one of the market leaders for large-scale hydrogen plants in Europe.

In addition, Metacon signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PERIC Hydrogen Technologies in late 2023 to establish a strategic partnership for the production and sale of Metacon’s electrolysers in the Chinese market. The collaboration grants PERIC an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) licence to manufacture Metacon’s hydrogen generators, which use non-electric energy sources such as biogas, ethanol and ammonia.

The partnership between Metacon and Siemens, as well as the collaborations between Metacon and PERIC, demonstrate the companies’ commitment to advancing the production and use of hydrogen as an essential element in achieving sustainability and decarbonisation goals.



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