Iraqis Willing To Torch Green Zone Over Repeat Of Bad Governance


Iraq IraqThings are getting bad to worst in Iraq as people are flocking and entering the Green Zone area protesting on the favored candidate selected for the post of the country’s PM.

An Iran backed individual Mohammed Al Sudani is the candidate of the Co-ordination Framework, a group of political parties. He isn’t the first or the last choice for Iraqis. A country which has been desperately trying to break out of the shackles of control, corruption and elite led politics, isn’t in the mood for another intrusion.

Iran has been making use of Iraq and its territories to meet its own selfish needs. Thousands of protesters — mostly followers of the Shiite cleric Moqtada Al Sadr — breached security measures around the approximately 10 square kilometre area on Wednesday and stormed the parliament building in protest against a candidate to lead the next government.

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Despite Iraq holding elections in October, (much insistence has gone on the part of the UN to make this happen) political parties had failed to elect a president and prime minister. Now, it has come to a point where Iran wishes to push its own candidate, and the country is burning in fury.

As of now, there is a scare of the country breaking into a civil war. Iraqi Defence Minister Juma Anad has made a public statement warning that Iraq is at risk of a civil war. He said repeated attacks on the Green Zone and diplomatic missions in Baghdad could spark a conflict and called on political leaders to put the interests of the country first. “If this happens, Iraqi citizens would be the victims,” Mr. Anad said on local television recently.

The Green Zone comprises the Iraqi parliament and is home to embassies of several western countries, including the US. It is relatively well-known as a safe area in Baghdad, but it was the target of several rocket attacks in the past year.

No one is taking responsibility of running the country well. In fact, while Baghdad accuses ‘outlaw groups’ of launching the attacks but Washington blames Iranian-backed militias.



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