biden’s blueprint for gaza ceasefire takes shape the us ceasefire proposal in gaza
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Biden’s Blueprint for Gaza Ceasefire Takes Shape: The US Ceasefire Proposal in Gaza

The United States, under President Biden’s administration, has proposed a comprehensive ceasefire plan in Gaza to halt the ongoing conflict and initiate a process for

rafah’s desperate exodus a closer look at the humanitarian catastrophe

Rafah’s Desperate Exodus: A Closer Look at the Humanitarian Catastrophe

Once a bustle of activity and security, Rafah is now the hub of one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time. Well-known for its

israeli military intelligence chief resigns

Israeli Military Intelligence Chief Resigns

Israeli military intelligence chief resigns, as Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva, the head of Israel’s military intelligence directorate, stepped down on Monday in the wake of

israel strikes iran after drone attack
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Israel Strikes Iran After Drone Attack

In a dangerous escalation of hostilities, Israel Strikes Iran After Drone Attack on a site in Iran early Friday morning. This came just days after

Factors driving the propaganda campaign against Israel

Motives fueling the propaganda onslaught against Israel.

In his recent statement, President Biden has underscored the inherent right of the state of Israel to defend itself against any threats or attacks. This

biden warns netanyahu rafah off limits

Biden warns Netanyahu: Rafah off-limits for Israeli military action.

In a recent interview with MSNBC, President Biden issued a stern warning to Israel against launching an attack on the Gaza Strip city of Rafah.

hamas and israel conflict
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Hamas and Israel conflict – countless killed and the crisis continues

The ongoing war between Hamas militants in Gaza and Israeli forces has already claimed over 30,000 lives, including many civilians. With no signs of a

the saudi role in reshaping israel palestine

The Saudi Role in Reshaping Israel-Palestine

As Israel’s attacks on Gaza continue, Saudi Arabia has become an important player in deciding what happens after the war ends. With more influence globally

syrian air defenses thwart israeli airstrikes near damascus
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Syrian air defenses thwart Israeli airstrikes near Damascus, reports confirm

Reports rose on Wednesday demonstrating that Syrian resistances had effectively captured Israeli strikes within the region of the capital, Damascus. The affirmation came from state

gaza truce negotiations

Hamas ups Gaza truce negotiations with proposed Ramadan march

In the midst of the fragile negotiations for a ceasefire in Gaza, Hamas, the activist group controlling the domain, issued a call for Palestinians to