Is War On Israeli Mind As Palestine Is Bullied Into Retaliation?


As Israel is mounting attack over Palestine, it is getting to be a full-fledged war scene.  This is something the world is worried about.  As of now, at least 43 people in Gaza, including 13 children and two Palestinians in the West Bank have lost their lives.

There has been relentless rocket firing that has rocked the Jewish-Arab towns for days together. Strange rival fight broke in the city with Palestinians being attacked by far-right Jewish extremists, with only Palestinians being fired back at by police personnel deployed.

Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh called the anti-Palestinian violence in Jerusalem “state terror.”

Palestinians have been asking for sovereignty and that Jerusalem maybe recognized as their capital. The Jordanian Foreign Ministry spokesman Daifallah Al-Fayez issued a formal statement denouncing the “incitement and provocations” of extremist Jewish groups and held the Israeli government responsible for “allowing the extremists to get to the Old City and attack Jerusalemites.”

In response, what has conspired is Palestine militancy acting on their accord and bombing the Israeli settlements with over a 1000 air strikes. In retaliation, Israel has devastated the city of Gaza. Their focus is on elimination of Hamas and other Islamic groups in the crowded coastal enclave.

The attacks have been met with civil unrest amongst the residence of Israel too.  But there seems to be no restraint on the part of Israel, as if it was intentional to bully Palestine into retaliation. World fraternity of leaders is expecting some mature restraint on the part of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel has launched hundreds of air strikes at Gaza, the Israeli-blockaded strip of two million people that Hamas controls, targeting what the army described as Palestinian military sites.



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