Israel Received Worst Gender Equality Score Among OECD Nations


Jewish state performs significantly worse than Turkey and twice as poorly as the United Kingdom and France; the director of a government organization to advance women’s rights urges thorough review by appropriate bodies.

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Israel Received Worst Gender Equality Score-

Israel does not meet the minimum standards for gender equality in four of the eight criteria measured against an index of developed nations—not all 179 nations.

According to a recent SIGI (Gender Discrimination Index) report, Israel was the least gender-equal of all the OECD nations. The study looks at gender discrimination in about 179 different countries.

Israel failed based on the four scoring criteria of discrimination within the family; personal protection and security; access to financial resources; and the exercise of civil liberties in comparison to other OECD countries, not all 179 countries.

The Advancement of the Status of Women Authority in Israel’s general director, Ayelet Razin Beit-Or, told the Ynet website that Israel and Japan were the OECD nations with the largest gender equality gaps according to the report. 

Beit-Or emphasized that the Advancement of the Status of Women Authority made significant efforts to address these inequalities, particularly by encouraging women’s participation in the public sphere and bolstering their representation in a number of societal and economic sectors.

The director-general stated that while the creation of the Promotion of the Status of Women Ministry, led by Minister Mai Golan, was a step in the right direction, achieving gender equality “is still a long way off.”

On a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 equals no discrimination and 100 equals complete discrimination, Israel received a poor rating for its treatment of women, scoring an average of 33.4.

Discrimination within the family and the exercise of civil liberties were the worst equality gaps in Israel. For instance, Israel placed first with a score of 40.9, while the OECD average is 14.2. 

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The USA, Slovakia, Chile, Turkey, and Chile also have significant gender disparities. In contrast, inequality is relatively low in Belgium, Italy, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.




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