Israel Wants Gaza Cut Off From the World: Erdogan

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Israel, for 17 years, has imposed an unprecedented blockade on the Gaza Strip and continues to do so, given its new war against Hamas. It has deliberately cut off communications and the internet, isolating Gaza and cutting off people from the rest of the world.

Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during his address to the International Strategic Communication Summit, said Israel has been trying to prevent the oppressed people of Gaza from being heard.

“Israel, which commits a war crime by cutting off electricity, water and food, is trying to prevent the oppression of the people in Gaza from being heard by cutting off their communication with the outside. Civilians that Israel deliberately targets are not limited to children and women.”

Erdogan also accused Israel of killing journalists. He said more than 60 journalists have been murdered so far as a result of Israeli attacks.

UNSC Ineffective in Israel

The Turkish president highlighted that international organizations, specifically the United Nations Security Council, has not been able to do anything. “The United Nations Security Council, responsible for ensuring global peace and stability, remained completely dysfunctional in this process.

After several failed attempts, the UNSC finally adopted resolution 2712 on the Israel-Palestine crisis wherein 12 members voted in favor of calling for urgent and extended humanitarian pauses and corridors in Gaza for a sufficient number of days.

Riyad Mansour, Permanent Observer of the observer State of Palestine, said the Council should have heeded the call by the United Nations and every humanitarian organization on Earth calling for a humanitarian ceasefire. “It should have at least echoed the call of the General Assembly for an immediate, durable and sustained humanitarian truce leading to a cessation of hostilities.”

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Gaza a Failure of International Governance System

Fahrettin Altun, Turkish Communications Director, believes Israel’s relentless attacks on Palestine’s Gaza have confirmed a crisis in the international governance system. He said the mechanisms built in context of global governance are becoming increasingly dysfunctional.

Altun highlighted that in Syria, the international community witnessed how international actors and organizations were helpless in the face of civil war and humanitarian tragedies, while the Russia-Ukraine war exposed how powerless the international system is in the face of interstate conflicts. “However, Israel’s attacks on besieged Gaza, without any conscience or reason, have revealed a crisis in the international governance system that has become clear in the public sphere.”



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