Israeli PM intends to meet with DeSantis while in Israel


When the likely 2024 presidential contender visits Israel this week, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, DeSantis stated on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

DeSantis will visit Israel, South Korea, Japan, and the UK while abroad. The trip to Israel takes place as demonstrations against Prime Minister Netanyahu’s proposed restrictions on the Supreme Court of Israel are taking place.

When questioned by CBS about meeting with DeSantis, Netanyahu responded, “Of course, I’ll meet with everyone. Exactly why not? I’ll meet with Democratic and Republican governors. An inquiry for comments was not immediately answered by DeSantis’ office.

Republican former president Donald Trump received the support of a number of Republican lawmakers in Florida this week. Trump launched his reelection campaign in November 2022. DeSantis has not even declared his campaign, so the endorsements constitute a setback for him.

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In 2019, DeSantis traveled to Jerusalem and spoke with Netanyahu, referring to Florida as “the most pro-Israel state in the nation.”

After strikes and large-scale protests, Netanyahu’s ambitions for judicial reform were put on hold last month. The measures would allow parliament to overturn many Supreme Court rulings and give the government effective authority over Supreme Court judge appointments.

On CBS, when questioned about why he would not revoke the proposed changes, Netanyahu claimed that there was “broad consensus” to improve the Israeli legal system.

Just as we don’t agree that the Supreme Court may overturn any choices made by the parliament or the administration, he continued, “I’ve actually said that I will not accept a blanket ability of the parliament to overcome judicial Supreme Court decisions.”



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