Jordan encourages participation of women in military forces

jordan encourages participation of women in military forces

On Monday, the Armed Forces of Jordan initiated a project that aimed to increase the participation of women in it. It is marked as one of the landmark initiatives by the country to foster women empowerment and inspire others. Knowing about this initiative, several countries are praising this decision and have come in support of Jordan.

Who all are involved in this initiative?

King Abdullah II’s Royal Special Forces has always been supporting women in their endeavors and has always advocated for gender equality and women empowerment. In this initiative, they have got the support of the Canadian Embassy in Jordan and International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

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People all over the world are very happy and satisfied with Jordan’s initiative. It will also unlock many doors of opportunities for women residing in Jordan. The aspect of gender equality will also be witnessed in the future. Along with it, a flexible work environment will also be expected. This initiative will also help in breaking the stereotypes prevailing in the society that women should only take care of their house and always remain engaged in household chores.

Today’s time is not like the traditional one. Women are competing with men in each and every field. Whether it’s a pilot or an astronaut, scientist or a doctor, engineer or an architect, women are excelling in each and every field. Prioritizing this fact and keeping in mind the aspect of upgrading the status of women, Jordan has really brought a mind-blowing initiative to empower women. Let’s hope that Jordan keeps empowering women in future as well.



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