Iraq-Jordan ties to strengthen in coming years

iraq jordan ties to strenghthen

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani and King Abdullah of Jordan got a chance to meet recently in Munich, Germany where they discussed several aspects regarding the holistic development of their nations.

There are very high expectations that Iraq and Jordan may strengthen their ties with each other in the upcoming years, on grounds of social, health, economic and various other developments. Development in these two nations will act as a trigger to various opportunities for citizens, beyond reasonable doubt.

Diverse Economies

If Iraq and Jordan collaborate with each other in order to enhance their economy, it will unlock various doors to opportunities for both the nations. Iraq, currently lacking infrastructure and oil industries can get to know Jordan’s vision in these sectors and work accordingly in its development.

Similarly, Jordan can also introduce its businesses in the enormous market of Iraq in order to get more exposure and reach. The only thing required to achieve this milestone is a little bit of cooperation between these two nations and encouragement to empower one another.

Energy and Infrastructure Sector

The mission and vision of Iraq and Jordan, on grounds of energy development, intersect with each other, at a point of time. The recent endeavor of a power sharing agreement between these two nations plays an important role in proving this fact. In the coming years, Jordan sees itself as a regional energy hub whereas Iraq is already equipped with energy and production capability.

Regarding infrastructure, both the nations are paving the way for technological developments like railways, transport. The best way to achieve this milestone is that both nations can collaborate on joint infrastructure projects in order to foster transparency and strengthen relations between them.

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Defense Cooperation

Last but not the least, security is also one of the most preferred aspects in Iraq and Jordan as both the countries are prone to terrorist attacks and have become near habitual in getting the threats regarding manhunt.

If they collaborate and work on safety measures by prioritizing it more, as compared to other sectors, then definitely people residing in these countries need not worry about their uncertainties of life. The events of violence may get reduced. Along with it, cybersecurity is also an important element in the digital realm. Cooperation in cybersecurity is also expected in order to foster stability and risk management initiatives in these two nations.



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