Jordan To Get Help From EU To Combat Acute Commodity Shortages


Jordan JordanJordan will get all the help it needs to manage the escalating pressures on its food reserves as the Ukraine- Russia war intensifies. A European Union top diplomat has confirmed to the Kingdom in the wake of acute food shortage in the country. Jordon, by virtue of being dependent on food imports from Russia had started to grow quite close to it.

In April, the Jordanian government had reassured its public that there is enough for everyone but the increasing prices of fruits and vegetables have not helped the Jordanians one bit.

Economic pressures continue to mount, though the country is living on borrowed grain and time. The country is primarily importing all its wheat; and has recently started putting effort in growing and harvesting the same.

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Jordan also depends heavily on western aid. The Kingdom has for some reason, refrained from criticising the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has crossed a 100-day mark. The kingdom deepened its security ties with Russia and supported Moscow’s 2015 intervention in Syria in support of President Bashar Al Assad.

Ironically, the Kingdom also receives some €364 million ($390.2m) in the form of EU aid every year and hundreds of millions more from individual European countries, mainly Germany and France, on top of $1.6 billion in US aid.  It is no new news that its own King is said to live a lavish life, maintain foreign bank accounts and huge amounts invested in property outside of Jordan, the Kingdom refrains from speaking about it at all costs.

On the flipside, the country has shown no significance growth in its foreign investment and economic growth that has been stagnant for years and in the past three months prices of most basic goods rose sharply, although there have been no significant shortages. Unemployment is officially at a record high of about 24 per cent.



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