Russia Unanimously Decides To Exit European Court of Human Rights


Russia RussiaRussia has voted itself out of participation in the European Court of Human Rights.  The Kremlin stand over Ukraine and its treatment in war has left a bad taste in the mouth of most European nations.

It has been confirmed that the Russian State Duma has finally passed a pair of bills ending the European Court of Human Rights’ jurisdiction in Russia forever. This was done after Russia announced plans to exit the court amid the conflict in Ukraine.

Russia will now have the power to reinstate death penalty, something that the Council of Europe has been prohibiting. The oligarch has been able to free the access to any reappeal in war or civil war crimes too. Earlier, appeals to the ECHR had become a last resort for plaintiffs in several high-profile cases that had been rejected by Russian courts.

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In 2017, the court ordered Moscow to pay compensation to survivors of the 2004 Beslan school siege, who alleged failings on the part of the security services. With Russia approving two bills, it has removed itself from any kind of control from the court’s jurisdiction. It has also set March 16 as the cut-off point, with rulings against Russia made after that date not to be implemented.

On March 15, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe decided to expel Russia from the organisation, of which the ECHR is part, in response to Russia’s deployment of troops to Ukraine in February.

Various kinds of methods have been used to control Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. From trade sanctions, to ostracizing it on sporting events, there is complete support for Ukraine in spirit but not in arms or ammunitions. Kremlin has stated that their decision to quit is unanimous.



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