Lebanon Receives Relief With Electricity Deal Signed With Jordan


Lebanon LebanonLebanon has finally signed its deal to receive electricity from its trusted neighbours.  A country caught in an economic battle; it has received support from Jordan via Syria. As the deal was signed, the country will now receive 250 megawatt of electricity per day within the next two months. This will only support about two hours of running only.

However, from now on, its days of darkness and rationed electricity, there is now going to be light. Earlier on in the month, the electricity shortage mayhem became a nightmare in Lebanon as protestors looking at securing electricity for their own area, tampered with the only running power station, plunging the whole country into darkness.

Tampering the power cables, electricity was shut off to literally the whole country. Through this deal, even the Syrian economy will get a chance to resurrect itself. Electricity will be transmitted through Syria. The World Bank is expected to finance the deals, and negotiations are underway. An aging national grid has not been able to provide 24-hour electricity in the country since the end of the civil war in 1990, and fuel oil subsidies for the state electricity company have been the main driver of the country’s massive national debt. 

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In the words of Jordanian Energy Minister Saleh Kharabsheh, its not a transaction per say but a compassionate deal.  He said that the agreement with Lebanon reinforces cooperation between the neighboring countries and comes at a “critical time for Lebanon.” He called it a deal to help Lebanon, and not a “commercial deal” — suggesting it is only covering its cost.

The intend is to initiate a protocol that encourages Middle Eastern nations to help each other and create a network that does not let Iran take advantage of the less fortunate nations. Lebanon will also be looking at receiving fuel from Iraq soon. Before it was hit with corruption at the hands of Hezbollah, the country was a rich nation essentially known for its medical and infrastructural facilities.



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