Lebanon set to decline to pay an external debt and ask technical help from the IMF

Qatar is intervening in a peace-attempt between Taliban and ISIS Khorasan after Taliban’s official takeover of Afghanistan. As per svereal media reports, Qatar is the one who is leading peace talks between the two sides and keeping terrorism at bay from the country.

This noble intention may not be all noble, especially coming from Qatar. Qatar is one of the countries which has been supporting terrorist groups not only by financial means but also by sheltering their leaders on its land. Given its history, it is not intelligent for officials to give free hand to the Arab country and let the mediation go as planned.

The world might be viewing this mediation as a progressive act but what most are not aware of is that Qatar is known to maintain a strong cover with extremely planned media campaigns and strategies. Whatever Qatari rulers are planning in Afghanistan by Talibani leaders has been covered by all the superficial things that the country has been doing for the Afghani population.

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One such instance is of the week when Taliban has taken over Kabul. Many Afghani people started fleeing from the country and taking refuge in some other countries till the situation came under control. Qatar was also one such country or at least it projected itself as a safe home to the migrants.

Soon after Qatar declared itself as the supporter of Afghani population, a viral video showed the gruesome reality from the ground in Qatar. The video showed that hundreds of people were kept inside a box-like facility which had only one restroom. Even the Covid-19 protocols were not being abided in the facilities.

Any case or any infection would have blown away the cover that Qatar has been hiding under. Its new ‘efforts’ to mediate between the Taliban and ISIS-Khorasan so that it can control terrosim in the country especially in context to the civilians is also nothing but a gimmick.

The situation Afghanistan is in is all thanks to Qatar who was responsible for influencing the United States administration to exit the war-torn country without any arrangements regarding the security. It was the one to convince the US government that the country will not suffer much as the Afghanistan government had solid control over the country, which also proved to be false.

Despite people wanting to have diplomatic developments in the country, Taliban forcefully took over the country and formed a government that has received full support of Qatar. Qatar wanted control in the region leading it to pull off all possible acts in front of the world to ensure that it stays in control.

Qatar has been establishing itself as the link between the Taliban and the rest of the world. For the West, it portrays itself as the intolerant model for terrorism while for the Taliban, it has promoted itself as the leader and founder of the violence in the region.

Qatar has mediated a critical situation between the US and the Taliban after American sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was captured by the Taliban. Qatar showed the world that it has led the mediation by convincing the Taliban to release the American officials but it failed to justify America’s release of five Talibani leaders, who were prisoners.

It did not help the image of the American state. The stanchion showed how easy it has become to mould the US administration and get things done by threatening lives. If the tensions of the Qd.Read more about arab politics news.



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