Qatar-Taliban finalise deal for supply of natural gas: Source


The mediation of Iranian officials between Qatar and Taliban has led the two countries to reportedly finalise a deal regarding the supply of natural gas.

A source revealed that Qatar’s froeign minister and his Iranian counterpart catalysed a deal that takes the natural gas production line from Afghanistan to Qatar through Iran. Qatar has shown a lot of interest in Afghanistan and its affairs and hence decided to invest in natural gas in the country.

But this is just half the story. Afghanistan is at a very tricky juncture now and that makes it extremely vulnerable for foreign interference. After years of waiting for such an opening, Doha will not miss our opportunity.

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Qatar has invested a lot to build its reputation after several reports claimed Qatar’s involvement financing terroism. It invested a lot for the FIFA World Cup 2022 and hence changed the outlook of Khalifa International Stadium.

Not only is it conveniently neglecting the human rights situation in the cover of the upcoming world cup but also promoting multiplying such incidents in Afghanistan. The pipeline is just another way it is shaking hands with Afghanistan, risking many lives in the country.

The production line will begin towards the end of the year and as per the data released the production capacity will reach five million cubic feet at an initial stage. This is a huge concern for other countries as with this project and other aspirations towards natural gas, Qatar is looking at exploiting the prices of Natural Gas globally.



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