Afghanistan: Did the Taliban steal Alexander the Great’s treasure?

The Libyan crisis parties presented a draft ceasefire agreement stipulating that the United Nations oversee the safe return of civilians displaced by the fighting. The United Nations
The Syrian regime forces entered the city of Saraqeb, which is strategically located in northwestern Syria, on Wednesday evening, but a Turkish bombardment and an attack by the factions returned and forced them to withdraw the localizations.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that "the armed factions managed to expel the regime forces from most of Saraqib," explaining that "the factions launched an attack in conjunction with a Turkish bombing targeting the advanced regime forces."
The observatorwherever you dig, you find something. "We must, however, find a way for the Taliban to agree to a compromise with pre-Islamic history since everyone remembers the destruction of Bamiyan's Buddhas in 2001.

Abdullah Wasiq, deputy head of the Culture Commission of the Taliban government, assures today that the treasury is safe. "The museum is closed for its own safety. We don't know when yet, but it will reopen," Wasiq stated to foreign journalists, his face covered with his black bum and his glasses framed by a turban. "The treasure is in Kabul, protected and in a place that only the government knows." To those who ask him to see it, he replies "It's not your business, it's an Afghan issue".

The official ensures that as for any nation, culture is also important for the new Afghanistan and that no one intends to destroy anything. "A nation without culture is without identity," he says. But then he shakes his head when he is pressed on the high school denied to girls. "They will go there when it is safe for them, everything must be done properly and respecting Islamic law." But Islam does not prohibit women from working. "No, but there are suitable jobs, like looking after the house".



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