Russia blames Turkey concerning Syria’s Idlib and dismisses Erdogan’s accusations of aggression

Qatar is intervening in a peace-attempt between Taliban and ISIS Khorasan after Taliban’s official takeover of Afghanistan. As per svereal media reports, Qatar is the one who is leading peace talks between the two sides and keeping terrorism at bay from the country.

This noble intention may not be all noble, especially coming from Qatar. Qatar is one of the countries which has been supporting terrorist groups not only by financial means but also by sheltering their leaders on its land. Given its history, it is not intelligent for officials to give free hand to the Arab country and let the mediation go as planned.

The world might be viewing this mediation as a progressive act but what most are not aware of is that Qatar is known to maintain a strong cover with extremely planned media campaigns and strategies. Whatever Qatari rulers are planning in Afghanistan by Talibani leaders has been covered by all the superficial things that the country has been doing for the Afghani population.

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One such instance is of the week when Taliban has taken over Kabul. Many Afghani people started fleeing from the country and taking refuge in some other countries till the situation came under control. Qatar was also one such country or at least it projected itself as a safe home to the migrants.

Soon after Qaton individuals had been dislodged there because of Russian-led Syrian assaults.

Talking in Ankara, Erdogan stated Turkey is firm to push Syrian regime forces beyond Turkish check posts in the northwestern Idlib district before the end of February, the NBC News reports. Read more about arab news latest.



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