Russia blames Turkey concerning Syria’s Idlib and dismisses Erdogan’s accusations of aggression

Russia and Turkey are attacking each other in a verbal tussle where Turkey is lashing out at Russia saying

On Wednesday, Russia blamed Turkey of flouting agreements it had reached with Moscow on Syria and for worsening the situation in Idlib.

That offensive has stoked violence in Idlib, in northwest Syria and Turkey borders. That drove a massive number of people homeless and bringing in the Turkish army, which has seen 13 of its officers killed by Syrian shelling over the past few days.

Russia’s Defense Ministry raised the question after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told that Turkey’s military would strike Russian-led Syrian forces via air or ground anyplace in Syria if another Turkish soldier were harmed as the Assad regime attempted to recapture control of Idlib province.

The Russian Defense Ministry stated in an announcement, “Explanations by Turkish diplomats about supposed assaults by Russian authorities on civilians in the Idlib de-escalating zone don’t relate with the truth,” The Arab News reported.

He included, “The genuine reason behind the tension in the Idlib de-escalating zone, sadly, is the non-satisfaction by our Turkish associates of their endeavors to divide average opposition militants from terrorists.”

As per the Arab News, Prior, Erdogan and Putin have talked about the de-escalating of the tension in Syrian, the Kremlin stated, including that Russian-Turkish dealings ought to be actualized in full. The pioneers looked into “different parts in the settlement, and above all, they focused on discussing the de-escalating zone,” the report stated.

On Wednesday, Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov expressed that Moscow is focused on the agreement it did with Ankara, however, that Russia considered the assaults in Idlib to be inappropriate and in repudiation of Moscow’s settlement with Ankara.

In 2018, Turkey and Russia concurred on a memorandum to authorize a demilitarized territory in Syria’s Idlib from which radical groups will require to pull back.

Meanwhile, a Turkish delegation will travel to Moscow in the coming days to talk about the clash in Syria’s Idlib area, the Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated. Including that around 1 million individuals had been dislodged there because of Russian-led Syrian assaults.

Talking in Ankara, Erdogan stated Turkey is firm to push Syrian regime forces beyond Turkish check posts in the northwestern Idlib district before the end of February, the NBC News reports. Read more about arab news latest.



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