New Ambassadors & Diplomatic Ties in Egypt and Turkey


According to the announcements made by both countries’ foreign ministries on Tuesday, Egypt, and Turkey have resumed normal diplomatic relations by sending ambassadors to the capitals of each other’s countries for the first time in ten years. 

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2021 marked the beginning of Turkey’s efforts to improve its relations with Egypt, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. As part of these efforts, senior foreign ministry officials from Ankara and Cairo met for consultations. 

In May, both countries’ presidents reached an agreement to switch out their ambassadors. According to the Egyptian foreign ministry, Amr Elhamamy will take on the role of Egypt’s ambassador in Ankara, while Turkey has nominated Salih Mutlu Sen to take on the role of Turkey’s ambassador in Cairo. Since 2013, when Egypt expelled Turkey’s ambassador and accused Ankara of supporting organizations bent on undermining the country, the two nations have not had ambassadors representing them in their stead.

Ambassadors in Egypt and Turkey After 10 Years!

Egypt and Turkey’s diplomatic ties have been strained for many years. Still, it appears that relations are beginning to thaw as a result of the recent appointment of ambassadors to each other’s capitals.

Egypt and Turkey have recently appointed ambassadors to each other’s capitals. 

Both nations appear to be making moves toward restoring normal diplomatic ties and working towards creating a better relationship for the future as a result of this move. 

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This is without a doubt an encouraging turn of events because it has the potential to bring about increased cooperation and stability in the region. It is currently unknown how far these efforts will go and what kind of long-lasting impact they will have on the region as a whole if they are successful.



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