New videos monitor ISIS fighting alongside the Turkish army in Syria.

The US-led international coalition against ISIS continues to operate in Syria and Iraq despite nearly a year since the SDF announced the extremist organizations’ final elimination within Syrian territory

New videos showed militants affiliated with ISIS fighting alongside the Turkish army in Idlib, northwestern Syria, in the latest sign of Turkey’s exploitation of terrorist organizations. The gunmen, who wore ISIS flags, appeared over their uniform, parading in front of the body of a Syrian soldier.

Many reports confirmed that Ankara relied on terrorist-classified organizations for its military operations and provided air and ground support. According to observers, the form of direct fusion between ISIS and the Turkish army takes many forms, whether in the form of mercenaries in Libya, or the dressing of extremists by the Turkish military uniform and fighting under the cover of artillery and attacking aircraft, and moving in the mechanisms that Ankara sent to reinforce its points and military operation in Idlib, Syria.

These scenes may explain the reason behind the direct and strongly worded statement from the Russian Defense Ministry, on Wednesday, one day before an upcoming meeting between Putin and Erdogan, on Thursday.

Moscow has openly accused Turkey of violating international law, and that it merged the points of concentration of its soldiers in Idlib with the fortified areas of terrorist-classified organizations, namely, the Headquarters for the Liberation of Al-Sham, the Turkestan Party, and the Guardians of Religion, among others.

These organizations have become the pillar of the Turkish army in any ground attack in Syria, and they have committed war crimes in all regions where they fought with the Turkish army if it was against the Kurds when they carried out field executions, or what they are doing in the Da’shiyya method for those in their hands who Prisoners.

The most dangerous of all is the realization of international fears that the spirit and the likes of ISIS are being poured into the hands of the Turkish army, which has dispelled years of painstaking international efforts to eliminate the most dangerous terrorist organizations in modern history.

Several facts confirmed the existence of relations between Turkey and the ISIS terrorist organization for many years, despite Ankara’s public denial of this relationship. Last November, the US Treasury said that there are entities and people who finance ISIS in Turkey and provide him with logistical support.



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